Lactum (3 years old above) Powdered Milk Drink Plain | 1.5kg

• SKU: Lactum 3+ Plain 1.5kg Powdered Milk Drink for Children Over 3 up to 5 Years Old • Stage: Lactum 3+ • Variant: Plain • Help support your child's ALL-AROUND DEVELOPMENT in BRAIN, IMMUNITY and BONES with proper nutrition and stimulation. • The NEW & IMPROVED Vitaminized Lactum 3+ now has 5X more DHA vs. previous formulation! • Vitaminized Lactum 3+ also has 50% less sucrose vs. previous formulation • Expiration Date: At least six months before expiry • This product is guaranteed authentic. Vitaminized Lactum 3+ contains nutrients which help support All-Around Development in Brain, Immunity and Bones! Vitaminized Lactum 3+ has essential nutrients found in the food groups from the food pyramid to help fill in nutritional gaps. BRAIN Now with 5x DHA vs. previous formulation. DHA is a known brain supporting nutrient. Lactum 3+ has 20mg/serve of DHA. Plus, it contains a high source of Iron and Iodine for the development and functioning of the brain. IMMUNITY Contains high source of Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium and Zinc that strengthen your child's immune system for stronger resistance to common infections. BONES Contains high source of Calcium necessary for bone health. Also with high source of Vitamin D to help the body effectively absorb Calcium and high source of Vitamin K, Phosphorus and Magnesium which aid in bone development.