-12-hour Superior^ + Antibacterial Protection with Colgate Total, the World's #1 Antibacterial Toothpaste* ^vs. non-antibacterial toothpaste, after 4 weeks of continued use. (Disclaimer) *Based on Nielsen value share sub-brand data, as of MAT May 1, 2021 (Disclaimer) -Upgrade to the powerful Dual-Zinc & Arginine formula that proactively fights against bacteria for up to 12 hours^! -It delivers 8 All-in-one benefits:Fights cavities, freshens breath, removes plaque, improves gum health, strengthen enamel, prevents tartar, relieves sensitivity, whitens** teeth **By reducing surface tooth stains (Disclaimer) -Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean's active cleaning formula fights plaque between teeth and even hard to reach places. - Try out our other variants: Professional Whitening, Professional Clean, Pro Breath Health